Finger Food A

Manchego cheese with black olives and Spanish chorizo 

Bocconcini mozzarella with cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil

Spanish potato tortilla squares 

Papas huancainas, baby potatoes with cottage cheese, peanut butter and chilli paste

Fried plantain with soft cream cheese

Greek haloumi cheese with cherry tomatoes and cucumber

Spinach and fetta cheese with fennel in pastry cases 

Carne milanesa, miniature rump steaks in breadcrumbs and basil 

Marinated roast beef and wild rocket on village bread canapés 

Village bread canapés with refried bean spread, shredded chicken breast, and guacamole 

Village bread canapés with smoked salmon and guacamole 

Cocktail skewers of fresh strawberries, seedless grapes and melon balls

Finger Food B

Empanaditas de carne, oven baked chilean meat pasties

Empanaditas colombianas, vegetarian corn patties

Brazilian carrot croquettes

Potato and zucchini fritters

Churrasquitos, baby Argentinian steak canapés with avocado and cherry tomatoes 

Cocktail pizzas with tomato sauce, parmesan and rocket

Mediterranean meatballs with mint and parsley served with yoghurt dip

Finger Food C

Argentine beef skewers marinated in chimichurri sauce

Chicken cocktail skewers, marinated in coconut and coriander sauce 

Salmon ceviche, fillet of salmon diced and marinated in lime juice with chopped coriander and mild red chillies

Greenshell pacific mussels, cooked in white wine and fresh herbs

Tiger prawns in garlic, coriander and ginger

Ceviche of tiger prawns marinated in lime juice with chopped coriander and mild red chilli    

Grilled lamb cutlets with honey, mustard and rosemary sauce

Fish and chips, fried cod pieces with Colombian creole potatoes and aioli

Dips, served with tortilla chips

Pebre, fresh coriander chilli sauce 


Red salsa


Bowl Food, served in small ramekins 

Pastel de choclo, oven baked are layers of spicy mince meat, roast chicken breast and corn blended with basil on top 

Chicken enchiladas,oven baked are layers of corn tortillas and chicken breast in a rich tomato piquant sauce

Seco de Cordero, Peruvian casserole, of lamb or chicken pieces marinated in fresh orange juice, coriander and garlic, served with steamed rice 

Ropa Vieja, Venezuelan dish of shredded beef in a rich tomato sauce served with rice Marinated roast pork, with cuban rice and plantain

Arroz Colombiano, rice with shredded chicken, chorizo and vegetables

Traditional Moussaka

Seared fillet of salmon served with saffron rice and baby spinach

Pan fried chicken breast served with saffron rice

Vegetarian Options 

Charquican, mashed pumpkin and potato with spinach and corn on a bed of herbs and spices 

Chick peas with saffron rice, baby spinach and artichoke hearts

Roast vegetables of sweet potato, courgettes and aubergines with rosemary

Desserts, served in small 4oz pots

Chocolate mousse

Black cherry cheesecake

Rice pudding and cinnamon

Meringues with fresh whipped cream and strawberries

Seasonal and tropical fruit salad